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SingMasters Launches SM-500 SingMasters Premium Karaoke System Globally

SingMasters Launches SM-500 SingMasters Premium Karaoke System Globally

Karaoke maker SingMasters has launched its much-anticipated SM-500 Premium Karaoke player worldwide.


The latest generation of karaoke player comes with web downloadable convenience and is the ultimate HD family entertainment device.


Boasting the largest library of songs in Tagalog,Hindi,Nepali,Filipino,Korean,Portuguese,French,Russian,Thai,Japanese and several other languages, SingMasters SM-500 also allows users to download their own karaoke tracks from the Internet and sing their favorite songs on the unit.


It supports 55,000 songs.It can record 50 studio-sound quality songs and reserve 100 songs.


One can have up to 150 favorite songs. The receiver and microphone is portable and weighs 164g and 131g respectively.


The system comes with two wireless microphones paired with the main player for a complete karaoke experience.


Several hi-tech new features such as double Live Scoring enhance the entertainment value even further, while its HD output ensures the users get the best audio-visual singing experience.


It includes the following accessories — 2 Wireless Microphones, one receiver, an AV cable, a USB cable, one power adapter, a remote control, an SD card and an HDMI cable.


It features a lightweight construction making it truly portable and an ideal gift to send to the loved ones back home.


The system comes with a full one year warranty (although SingMasters will continue to service its customers beyond that period with more functions and upgrades) and is priced at a budget-friendly USD 399 with worldwide FREE  deliver with online tracking.

 It connects to any television using HDMI and  is the very latest karaoke system its small, easy to use and has many features and you can add extra song packs in English or Foreign languages.

It also lets you play just about every other type of karaoke format including MP3+G or MP4 or YouTube Karaoke files.

SingMasters is the world's leading karaoke brand, providing devices and content globally, with customers spread across at many countries.