We have  developed and programmed a very powerful tool at our hands called the iStreamBOX Wizard that we now install it on all our devices. No other seller can give you this tool as we own it!

iStreamBOX is in no way affiliated with XBMC/KODI.

Kodi is a registered trademark of the XBMC Foundation. We are not connected to or in any other way affiliated with Kodi, Team Kodi, or the XBMC Foundation.

What is iStreamBOX Wizard?

This is one of the most amazing and powerful adds-ons available on XBMC/KODI. This add-on can update and repair your XBMC?KODI install at the touch of a button!  No other seller in the world can offer this tool for you. If you aren’t using it already you are missing out in a big way!

What can the iStreamBOX Wizard do?

This is an XBMC/KODI Add-on that can repair or update your XBMC/KODI at the click of a button.We put new XBMC/KODI updates on our server frequently  with fixes and new add-ons, so your device will always be running up to date. And if we find new add-ons that we think will be worth adding we will just update the server. You can always go into the iStreamBOX Wizard and download the latest configuration for XBMC/KODI  from our server.

All our iStreamBOX range of device comes pre-loaded with our own iStreamBOX wizard which pushes our customised XBMC/KODI Apps package,skins,latest updates etc to your
device with a click.We keep updating the package regularly  and you will be notified when to run it through the scrolling text RSS feeds at the of XBMC/KODI screen when you need to use our Wizard to get latest updates and fixes.Hence your device will always be running up to date!!! No one will supply this service because we developed the iStreamBOX wizard and its apps package.

Now see our iStreamBOX XBMC KODI Wizard  screenshot:

With our iStreamBOX Wizard setup,all our device will look like this:

iStreamBox is in no way affiliated with XBMC.org/Kodi.TV, XBMC/KODI does not support the 3rd party add-ons included so if you are looking for support please contact the add-on developer.

We do not host or support ANY of the add-ons included in this wizard, nor do we condone piracy. Please use these add-ons at your own risk and abide by your country’s copyright laws.

We do not host any copyrighted or illegal content on iStreamBOX. The information and content we host does not have copyrighted files. We can however recommend using paid streaming services on your iStreamBox such as Netflix, Amazon Prime and Google Play Movies. These services often provide better quality picture, no buffering and an affordable price so why wouldn’t you?