iStreamBox Android vs. iSreamBOX OpenELEC Pure Linux KODI?

Which one is right for you?
At iStreamBOX, our mission is to provide a groundbreaking user experience. Our set-top boxes are the easiest to use and to customize on the market.

And we offer them in three versions: Andorid , the Pure Linux OpenELEC  and the DualBoot Android/OpenELEC. What is the difference? Which one is right for you? The following post points out the unique features of both amazing devices.

iStreamBox Android

Windows 8 Metro Launcher

Windows 8 Metro launcher is the custom launcher on the iStreamBOX Android. Its interface is designed to give users a superior Android experience on a television and is home to the Filmstrip, a convenient central location for trending YouTube videos and personalized feeds from your social media sources including Vine and Facebook. Overall, it is a beautiful and easily customizable interface that you are sure to enjoy.

Android Gaming

With the iStreamBOX Android, users will not only be able to use our custom Kodi build but will also have access to the full Google Play Store. The Google Play Store is full of games of all types. The iStreamBOX Android features a quad-core processor capable of delivering beautiful graphics and crisp game play. From favorite puzzle games like Candy Crush and problem-solving games like Angry Birds to the latest racing or arcade style action, plug in the controller of your choice to one of the two USB ports and enjoy.

Tons of apps from The Google Play Store

The iStreamBOX Box Android offers the full google Play Store including access to a number of great media apps such as Netflix, Vudu, CBS All Access and NBC Sports Extra as well as special event apps like the March Madness app.

iStreamBox OpenELEC Pure Linux

Pure Linux means Pure Kodi

The Kodi experience on the iStreamBOX OpenELEC Pure Linux is faster than any Android based machine. This is because, unlike Android boxes, a Pure Linux Experience means that Kodi is not just an app – it’s the interface. There are no other processes like email, YouTube or widgets running in the background. It’s just you, four activated cores, your media and the best streaming apps on the planet. The system defaults to the iStreamBOX custom  Skin but can be customized with any Kodi skin.

Codec Support

Kodi is the best way to access personal media files on your television and the iStreamBOX OpenELEC  Pure Linux has the best codec support (up to 4k) on the market. It will allow you to play more video formats for a better media center experience.

Why OpenELEC Linux?

We have grown experts on Linux Kodi installations.
  • Much faster than anything on the market
  • Full HD picture
  • More FPS (frames per second) making the picture smoother
  • More reliable than any other system

iStreamBOX Dual Boot Android + OpenELEC

iStreamBOX Dual Boot models give you the ability to dual boot with Android and  OpenElec which means you can run Kodi without the Android operating system in the background through OpenELEC Kodi. This gives you the ability to boot straight into Kodi and reduce the load on the hardware which provides slightly faster results.Kodi performs smoother and faster in OpenELEC as compared to Android OS.
You can experience both Android and OpenELEC Kodi OS  with same iStreamBOX Dual Boot device. Android OS can be switched to OpenELEC easily in the device and vice-versa.