What is LibreELEC?

LibreELEC Linux is a light weight operating system mainly
used for streaming video content such as movies, tv shows, live tv,
music, and other events

LibreELEC Linux is the best and most popular
Operating system for all Internet Streaming Tv Media Devices.

What we have done to the iStreamBOX is take out the
existing Android operating system containing lots of unnecessary bloatware. Then replaced itwith the LibreELEC Linux Operating System.

What this accomplishes is that it gives you an overall faster, smoother,
more stable, better over all TV Box Media Player.

Another popular option you get when using LibreELEC Linux is your iStreamBOX will now boot directly into Kodi’s latest Media Center.
Not like Android TV boxes were it takes additional steps to open Kodi’s media center.

If you’re in the market for the best running Internet TV Streaming Multimedia Device.
Then the iStreamBOX the LibreELEC Linux Operating System is
exactly what you’re looking for.

iStreamBOX Australia develops and makes port of LibreELEC  compatible in our various TV box models including Dual Boot Android/LibreELEC we sell based on Amlogic SoC.


Linux KODI is Much Faster Than  Android KODI!

LibreELEC  LINUX KODI is Much More Stable!

Boots Fast and Directly to KODI!

This is best for people who want a more pure and faster KODI experience.

KODI performs faster with LINUX LibreELEC

*As you can tell, this box will come with Linux KODI, and all the Add-Ons. You will NOT have access to the Play store. You can always re-install Android if you choose.*

If all you want is best KODI experience and don't need  to use Android APPS on TV,this is best and recommended.

We have replaced  Android OS  with the special LibreELEC Linux software which is optimised  with a custom firmware that runs much faster and much more stable than an Android Build KODI and makes the istreambox boots directly into KODI faster and works best for using best KODI mediacenter.
Support for built-in VDR / Tvheadend DVB backends which means you should be able to use one of the supported  USB tuners to watch Live TV from your box via satellite (DVB-S/S2), cable (DVB-C) or digital terrestrial TV (DVB-T2/ATSC) dongle.
This makes a complete Entertainment Media Centre in your home Theatre.

One of the main advantages of Linux compared to Android is support for automatic frame rate switching depending on the video you are watching (24Hz, 50Hz, 60Hz…), in order to avoid regular skipped frames when the video frame rate does not match the video output refresh rate.

LibreElec  has KODI embedded into it – a fully fledged operating system that includes KODI 16.2! Very stable, very quick and fully configured, setup and ready to use straight out of the box. 

The lightning fast LibreElec KODI operating system will amaze you! It has FULL Backup / Restore built in for your peace of mind and runs KODI faster & smoother than a Quad Core Android TV box! 

LibreElec features an embedded copy of KODI that is built into the operating system - unlike Android TV boxes that run KODI as an app! Slick, faster and much more stable - say goodbye to KODI Black Screens that plague all Android TV boxes!

LibreElec is an operating system with KODI BUILT IN - fully integrated & is more stable, slicker & smoother than a Linux + KODI offering.

More info about LibreELEC in its offical website:

The full power of LibreELEC

iStreamBOX LibreELEC is a box dedicated to Kodi with LibreELEC pre-installed that gives you access to IPTV services with the extra of being compatible with modular DVB tuners.

We offer a new dimension of technology, innovative products and solutions with the best support.

Check our online store  for various models which comes preloaded with fully loaded LibreELEC Kodi  Media center.