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Android TV Box Upgrade & Repair Service

Android TV Box Repair


Our device repair centre is open. If your Android TV Box has stopped working then we can look at it for you. We offer repairs on most Android TV box devices.

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We find that many people have purchased Android boxes elsewhere that have outdated apps which no longer work or faulty loaded firmware that no longer functions, so if your box won't load content, stuck on boot up logo or maybe you heard of our build and want us to install it on your box this is the service for you.

Got Android TV Box but not working? Not properly configured? Software and Hardware issues?

We  provide professional repair on most software and hardware related issues. With our extensive knowledge we can diagnose any Android TV problem and provide a prompt repair service.

• Software Reset / Update / Installation
• Firmware / Operating System Re-installation
• Hardware Issues / No sound / No display
• Kodi  reinstallation
• and much more

DESCRIPTION of Android Box Repair

  • Replace firmware that has caused unit to lockup after firmware upgrade
  • Restore units with malware/corrupted apps to working order
  • Supports the most Android Box models
  • Free shipping back to customer once unit is re-flashed and firmware updated with latest.

Is the Issue Firmware Related?

  • Normally this is caused by the user upgrading with an incompatible firmware and suddenly the box no longer boots up.
  • What this means basically is that there is an issue with the flash chip, in this case, the wrong software was loaded onto it
  • Note the issue can also be caused by a faulty flash memory chip - this is a hardware issue and can't be fixed by our reflashing method
  • With this issue it will most likely be that the box simply stopped working despite no software upgrade being done

Procedure for Repair of Android box

  • Buy this product online
  • Print off your receipt/invoice as proof of purchase.
  • Send us your device with the receipt/invoice inside. (You are responsible for the postage cost, we recommend sending it recorded tracking delivery.)
  • When we receive the device, we will aim to get it fixed within 24 hours.
  • If we can fix it, we send it back to you (we pay for this postage cost with online tracking) and you are ready to go.
  • If the device cannot be fixed, We will ship back the unit to you and refund 60% of the cost and will note if the issue is hardware related

If We Can't Fix the Box?

  • We will ship back the unit to you and refund 60% of the cost and will note if the issue is hardware related
  • You will then know if the box is worth fixing or should simply be thrown out 
  • Most hardware issues are not worth repairing
  • Unfortunately, sad but true

If you purchase this package and also wish to have KODI installed, repaired or configured, it will not cost you any extra.

We will keep you posted every step of the way and let you know the status of your device. Our expert team of engineers are extremely good at fixing most problems. However, sometimes even we cannot fix things. That’s why as a complete goodwill gesture, if the device can’t be fixed, we will We will ship back the unit to you and refund 60% of the cost and will note if the issue is hardware related. This is to ensure that you don’t lose out.

So if  you are looking for Android TV Box Repairs – Device Repairs – Repairs for TV Boxes. This is the place to come.

We will look at most devices. Devices don’t have to have just been purchased from iStreamBOX. We will look at most devices, even from other sellers.

If you need further information or simply have a few questions. You can email 

Don’t be afraid to ask us any questions before purchasing.

Please contact us today with your enquiry at  and we are readily available to assist!

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