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OpenELEC / LibreELEC Linux KODI Install/Upgrade Service

OPENELEC LibreELEC Kodi Install


Our device repair centre is open. If your Android TV Box need OPENELEC/LibreELEC Linux KODI installed  then we can look at it for you. We offer install of OpenELEC/LibreELEC  on most Android TV box devices.

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WE specialise in OpenELEC/LibreELEC development for various Android TV box in market.

If you have fed up with slow Android perfomance and just want to use Android box for KODI,we recommend you to upgrade your box to openELEC Linux KODI .

We provide this service of installation of OpenELEC in various Android TV box whether you bought from us or from somewhere else.

Installing the OpenELEC Kodi software onto an Android box  can be extremely complicated and confusing. You also need various factors to do so, but now we take away that hassle with our OpenELEC Kodi Installation Service for Android devices.

Procedure for OPENELEC/LIBREELEC KODI Repair/Installation service

  • Buy this product online
  • Print off your receipt/invoice as proof of purchase.
  • Send us your device with the receipt/invoice inside. (You are responsible for the postage cost, we recommend sending it recorded tracking delivery.)
  • When we receive the device, we will will upgrade your Android box to OpenELEC KODI Firmware and aim to get it fixed within 24 hours.
  • When we have fixed  it, we send it back to you (we pay for this postage cost with online tracking) and you are ready to go.


What is LibreELEC?

LibreELEC is an embedded operating system built around Kodi, the open source entertainment media hub. Home Theatre PCs are known to be hard to install and configure, and  it can take a massive amount of time to keep them running. OpenELEC, on the other hand, is designed to be as lightweight as possible in terms of size and complexity, meaning your HTPC becomes no harder to configure than your satellite box or DVD player.

Open Embedded Linux Entertainment Center (OpenELEC) is a small Linux distribution built from scratch as a platform to turn your device into an XBMC media center.With its small footprint, OpenELEC is also ideal for today's small form factor systems, so you won't need a big desktop computer in your living room!

Why OpenELEC Linux?

We have grown experts on Linux Kodi installations.
  • Much faster than anything on the market
  • Linux KODI is much faster then Android KODI
  • Much more stable
  • Full HD picture
  • Boots directly  to KODI
  • KODI performs faster with Linux OPENELEC
  • NO. 1 Media centrer in world
  • More FPS (frames per second) making the picture smoother
  • More reliable than any other system
  • OTA firmware updates
LibreELEC is an Linux operating system with KODI BUILT IN - fully integrated & is more stable, slicker & smoother than a Linux KODI offering.

More info about LibreELEC in its offical website:

If you purchase this package and also wish to have KODI programmed we will fully load it will not cost you any extra.

We will keep you posted every step of the way and let you know the status of your device. Our expert team of engineers are extremely good at fixing most problems. However, sometimes even we cannot fix things. That’s why as a complete goodwill gesture, if the device can’t be fixed, we will We will ship back the unit to you and refund 60% of the cost and will note if the issue is hardware related. This is to ensure that you don’t lose out.

So if  you are looking for Android TV Box KODI Repairs – Device Repairs – Repairs for TV Boxes -OpenELEC Install and repair. This is the place to come.

We will look at most devices. Devices don’t have to have just been purchased from iStreamBOX. We will look at most devices, even from other sellers.

If you need further information or simply have a few questions. You can email 

Don’t be afraid to ask us any questions before purchasing.

Please contact us today with your enquiry at  and we are readily available to assist!

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